Apple Working with FDA on Mobile Medical Apps

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Apple has been working on mobile medical apps.Executives from Apple and the FDA met in December to discuss mobile medical apps.  Some of the executives from Apple were: Jeff Williams (senior vice president of operations), Bud Tribble (vice president of software technology), and Michael O’Reilly (who has a background in medical devices as the former chief medical officer of Masimo Corporation).   The FDA was represented by several people including, Jeff Shuren, (director of CDRH) and Bakul Patel (who worked on the FDA mobile medical app guidance). The meeting agenda was not publicly available but Apple has been reported to be working on several mobile medical apps.  One application is a sensor that could help guard against heart attacks.  The sensor would monitor the sound blood makes flowing through arteries.   It is also possible that the discussions centered more generally on working with the FDA to improve or enhance the mobile medical app guidance.  Either of these possibilities could be significant for the mobile medical applications market.